Industrial IoT, just simple


We help industries to reduce their costs by displaying production processes in real-time, alert and prevent future events in a simple and fast way with no needs of technical skills or dedicated resources.

Our Challenge

Nowadays, production facilities have several production points with diverse processes and resources, that make difficult the consolidation and visualization of data, all in one place. Despite of having technical tools, the solution could be very expensive and take time.
In Weeot, we take advantage of IoT technology, and solve this issue by using our scalable platform which reduces implementation time and gives reliable information to managers and users.

How does it Work?


We analyze your requierements based on your industry and current processes.

Solution Design

We propose end-to-end viable solution options including architecture and integration, according to the assessments and hardware possibilities.


Rapid proof-of-concept implementation in order to let client visualize solution in real world.


Full solution implementation on-site and immediate data visualization and integration.

Main Features

We offer an end-to-end solution, from the initial acquisition of the data to the business dashboard.

Know how is the efficiency in each plant, process and machine

know in real time deviations according to plan and minimize correction time

View productive rhythm in each shift and hour

End-to-end solution

Allows third party devices and legacy software integration

Predict malfunctions and reduce costs

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