Full IoT potential, just simple


We help industries and Smart cities to reduce their costs by displaying processes in real-time, alert and prevent future events in a simple and fast way with no needs of technical skills or dedicated resources.

Our Challenge

Lot of IoT solutions require technical skills and integrations between several providers to get IoT working smoothly, resulting in an increase of implementation costs and big possibilities of frustration. Most of the companies do not have specific resources aimed to deploy this kind of projects with the know-how and Budget required, being one of the main barriers using IoT.

We are focused on helping industries and governments to deploy and take full advantage of new technologies in a simple and natural way, with simple and affordable costs.

How it Work?


We analyze your requierements based on your industry and current processes.

Solution Design

We propose end-to-end viable solution options including architecture and integration, according to the assessments and hardware possibilities.


Rapid proof-of-concept implementation in order to let client visualize solution in real world.


Full solution implementation on-site and immediate data visualization and integration.

Main Features

We have developed a unique platform that allows users to self-manage and have control of their physical and virtual devices in any moment, with no needs of programming or electronics skills. It allows not only to view real-time processes information but also, to set rules letting Weeot send past and future alert events in a blink of an eye.

Simple and clear plans, zero tricks

Low deploy costs

Intuitive, friendly and simple

End-to-end solution

Allows third party devices integration

Allows legacy software integration

All analogue/digital inputs

All analogue/digital outputs

Contact Us


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Commercial: Av. de Mayo 981, CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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